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Well-known and Rising British Jewelry Designers

Well-known and Rising British Jewelry Designers

Great Britain is turning out a fair share of new talent in British jewelry design. Some of these artists are familiar names in the jewelry world, while others are new and on the rise. This is a list of some of the best known and newest British designers.

The first name on the list is Andrew Young. He is continually trying new things and going in new directions to expand his repertoire. His most famous works are from the Fingerprint Wedding Band Collection.

Bec Astley Clarke started her own company, Astley Clarke fifteen years ago it has steadily climbed in stature and renown. The artist herself is known for a wide range of gemstone jewelry that complements nearly any woman’s outfit. Many of the designs she has created are exclusive to her business.

Angela Fung didn’t enter the world of jewelry design until she got injured and could no longer play the piano, her first passion. Not wanting to sit by idly, she decided to take up jewelry-making as a way to continue to work with her hands. Her designs are very functional and work well in many different situations.

Claudia Bradby uses pearls and silver to create much of her jewelry. She is a free-lance designer, creating works and then marketing them in a variety of different stores and jewelry shops. Her focus is to create jewelry that can be mixed-and-matched, much like a closet full of clothes.

A popular designer of modern looking engagement rings and wedding sets is Diana Porter. She is now well-known enough to begin expanding her line into pins, earrings, and necklaces. All of her designs are one-of-a-kind, and she will make pieces of jewelry on commission for clients.

Shaun Leane is becoming very collectible because his designs are very fluid and appealing to many people. He tries to tell a story with each piece of jewelry he creates Tresor Paris Bracelets, and does it with a romantic flair. He has drawn from history on occasion to help him create some of his more well-known works.

Touran Reddaway makes gold jewelry by hand. She mixes old-world customs with contemporary styles to create her unique works. She sells her works in small jewelry boutiques {articles-title}_144, and is very popular with women because of her stylish designs.

Harriet Kelsall puts most of their energy into creating unique engagement rings, but they also do wedding articles-title_355, anniversary, and eternity rings as well. Although the company makes and sells many pieces, they are not considered to be production designers, and it is possible to find some jewelry made by them that is extremely unique.

Sarah Sheridan is popular in Britain because of her modern designs. They are very elegant and appealing to a majority of the public. She designs entire collections of pieces Tresor Paris Bracelets, but she will also work on commission to create the perfect design for an individual that wants one.

Finally, Stephan Einhorn rounds out our list of British jewelry designers. He is unusual in that he focuses on making men’s jewelry, one of only a handful of designers doing this type of work today. His jewelry is made to be worn every day.

Those are the top British jewelry designers of the modern era in Great Britain. Look for their works across England, Europe, and the Americas as they expand in popularity. If you don’t know their names now Tresor Paris Bracelets, be assured you will know most of them before long.

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