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By huangjshan108 - January 14th, 2012, 10:22, Category: General



Dahlia Set: Dahlia Time in Labradorite -- Earrings only Medium
Have you ever been to the Dahlia garden in San Francisco’s Golden Gate park. It is teh awesome — so many different flavors of dahlias. There’s even a Dahlia Society Fake Tresor Paris Bracelet Getting Started with Girls Jewelry Boxes from an Early Age_4! Who knew? My dahlias are better Tresor Paris Necklaces Sale Link to our record, of course because they come with gemstones and vintage watch faces. Sadly Cheap Tresor Paris Earrings, I had to use glue so the watch hand only points to one time but that time is a good time because it is dahlia time!

I got my hands on some of these wonderful large resin dahlias. I stripped off the back and stuck them on the brass flower frame. They are adorned by a vintage watch face and a non-vintage watch hand. This one in particular is crowned by a genuine A grade labradorite faceted gemstone and is accompanied by earrings of yet more genuine faceted labradorite paired with brass filigree beads on brass earring settings.

I wondered why they call it labradorite because it makes me think of a labrador retriever and this gem looks nothing like a dog. So I went to look it up on Wikipedia because the Wiki is always truthful and never lies. Also it is easy. Anyway it says it called labradorite because the gem "shows a play of colors called labradorescence." So how about that? Anyway it is pretty and you can see the play of colors in the picture of the stone my magnificent photographer took. Its really cool when the light catches the stone just right. Very opal-ish.



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