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op 10 Flannel Shirt Wea

By huangjshan108 - January 13th, 2012, 0:56, Category: General

Top 10 Flannel Shirt Wearers of All Time

Top 10 Flannel Shirt Wearers of All Time

Kurt Cobain #1 – He might have been the quintessential flannel shirt wearer of all times. It is just natural to picture him with a guitar rocking a flannel shirt. Not the classiest of flannels either.? Kind of the thrift store, slightly 70′s? plaid.

Eddie Vedder #2 – Another Grunge figurehead and singer.? He often performed in concert with a traditional flannel.? What is it about Grunge and Flannel? The cold of Seattle??? Maybe it’s ability to be both a shirt and a jacket?? Or, it’s capacity for hiding a beer stain?

Jeff Spicoli #3 – Another person that liked flannel’s ability to keep one warm, and yet be overwhelmingly comfortable at the same time. Another bonus is that the soft, brushed cotton helps you relive the glory later of some of your “cool buds” if that’s your thing.

Marilyn Monroe #4 – Hard to imagine this bombshell blonde wearing a flannel shirt, or definitely not her trademark look. But this was not the platinum blonde in “Some Like it Hot” This was an earlier Norma Jean look from around 1947. We would love to show the image but it is trademarked still. Please see:

Leonardo Dicaprio #5 – This star is not afraid to go out in public with a slightly undercover flannel, cap, and shades. He has been seen shopping in Beverly Hills for jewelry in Flannel.

Ben Affleck #6 – Another example of how stylish and all-around useful flannel can be to wear.? In a few different ways he is seen with a solid color t-shirt with a half buttoned flannel shirt. This is a great look, and adds a lot to it’s flexibility. You can button it up more or less as the weather changes. Or even, god forbid, remove the flannel completely.

Lindsay Lohan #7 – Sometimes she goes way too casual but a simple look with just some jean shorts a tank top works for her. Add a loose flannel that is easily adjustable for neckline. She has been photographed in flannel on multiple occasions.

Robert Pattinson #8– Sure he is an actor that plays a 105 year old vampire in Twilight but that does not mean he can’t be comfortable. This London –born actor has been seen outside in between filming Tresor Paris Necklaces Sale, wearing a flannel shirt.

Olsen Twins #9 – The Olsen twins often wear flannel shirts. On a recent day one was out with a Fendi bag and flannel. Both of the twins like flannel Tresor Paris Necklaces, maybe they swap the shirts.

Monty Python Lumberjack #10 – This skit featured a song sung by Michael Palin and Eric Idle at different times. In the skit the main character complains of his boring job such as a pet shop owner or Barber. Then he says he wanted to be a Lumber Jack and rips off his boring overcoat to reveal a manlier red Checker Flannel Shirt. The song progresses and he admits he is interested in wearing women’s undergarments. His best girl screams disappointedly thinking he was so rugged. So apparently plaid is not as masculine as once thought.

By: Brodie Sword
The Alfred Jewel #1 Medium
The Alfred Jewel used to be displayed on a pedestal in the middle of a room, so that you could walk all round it, and admire the way that you could see through the letters pierced in the side. And then they ran out of space, and stuck it away in an ordinary case at the side of a gallery, and it was How To Select The Perfect Mens Wedding Ring For Your Valentine Wedding-_260, frankly Cheap Tresor Paris Necklaces, much less spectacular. Now they’ve got more space again, and they’ve made a really good job of showing it off properly.

The piece is just over 6cm long; the stippled appearance is due to the use of a technique called granulation, whereby tiny beads of gold were soldered onto the base; underneath the teardrop-shaped crystal is cloisonné work depicting a male figure, and around the outside the words "?lfred mec heht gewyrcan" — Alfred ordered me made. Below the mouth of the animal head is a socket The Power That Online Jewelry Stores Behold- Its Advantages in the Society_627, possibly for a pointer of wood or ivory. It has been plausibly suggested (though without real evidence) that this might have been a pointer sent out with a copy of King Alfred’s own translation of Gregory the Great’s Pastoral Care: in the preface Alfred says that he is sending a copy of the book to each bishopric in England, and with each copy an ?stel, se bie on fiftegum mancessa (an ?stel worth fifty mancuses); and a gloss by the Worcester Tremulous Hand has ?stel meaning a ‘stalk’ or ‘stick’.

Taken at the official, invitation-only, re-opening of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. They were really, really only just barely ready to re-open: some of the cases had exhibits but no labels, and some labels but no exhibits; but the space itself is beautiful, with much more on display, and much better displayed than before.

Front view of the same piece here.



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