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ow To Dress Emo –

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How To Dress Emo – Cute Emo Love – Are You Emo – Alternative Scene Style Hints and Tips

How To Dress Emo – Cute Emo Love – Are You Emo – Alternative Scene Style Hints and Tips

How To Dress Emo – Cute Emo Love – Are You Emo – Alternative Scene Style Hints and Tips

Are you Emo, do you, like, express your feelings and emotions through your style? You may be Emo. Most emo guys and girls wear tight fitting clothes with usually unbalanced designs.It’s all about expressing yourself and wearing what you like. The best places to get emo clothes is at second hand stores. Find a comfy old school hoody or sweater and skinny jeans or leggins. The biggest part of dressing Emo is not to copy others’ styles. Emos are very opinionated, and may feel offended if you bite their style. It will most likely make them pretty upset, and they will cry, so just don’t do it. You are just seven steps away:

1.Dress Emo. Once you discover your inner Emo, you need to get dressed. Wear tight jeans Celebration just got better, with a brand new collection of mens rings from Royaldesignonline_322, tight shirts with Emo band logos on them, studded belts (two), and a well worn pair of converse (black’s a good start) sneakers. Black skirts with striped socks or leggings. Leg warmers are OK in the winter. Skinny jeans and band t-shirts will make up most of your outfits. It’s best to get them in black or dark washes, and maybe a pair or two of bright ones, but nothing too tacky. You can wear plain black hoodies or band hoodies when you get cold.

1. Accessories: Hair bows, band wristbands, black or white studded belt, neon shoelaces, Hello Kitty stuffed animals, colorful or black head bands (look up pictures to see how to wear them), 3-D glasses, band pins, safety pins in some things, those rubber black and neon bracelets, and anything to do with gore, brass knuckles, rib cages, bones, bands, hearts, guns Tresor Paris Earrings, Hello Kitty, or other little-kid-character things.

2. Emo shoes: The classic black and white or black and black high-top Converse always works. Also black slip-on or classic era Vans in dark colors or with logos of bands you like are great. You can look at other wiki hows on how to customize them. This can be as simple as drawing with white-out your favorite band lyrics or just adding neon laces. Lately, also, colorful Nike’s have been worn by the bravest emos.

3. Get Emo hair. Dye it black or brown with optional blond, blue, crimson streaks, especially in the bangs. For girls, cut your hair very short, but keep your bangs long, swept drastically to one side and covering one eye. Or, leave it long with many choppy layers and highlights. For guys, spike up the back, and wipe down the front with a Bounce sheet. And dye your bangs a lighter color than the rest of your hair.

4. Get the attitude. Emo is often associated with bitterness, depression, insecurity and resent. But you can be Emo because you’re sensitive, introspective, thoughtful, and quiet. Never be loud or in anyone’s face; focus on your own emotional life.

5. Understand Emo. Emo has many meanings. It’s a musical genre combining hardcore music with sad, emotional lyrics. It’s an abbreviated way to label someone emotional. It’s a life style. It’s a combination of some or all of these elements of style, fashion, culture. It’s open for debate and often depends on someone’s personal expression. The term “Emo” loosely describes emotional rock, and most Emo’s like Indie music.

6. Appreciate Emo music. Emo song lyrics are usually emotional and are sometimes described as whiny and sensitive. Underground until recently, Emo music’s popularity continues to grow. Listen to a lot of Emo bands. You may soon find yourself beginning to sound whiny and sensitive. Pick up an instrument, try to play the violin, an incredibly whiny sounding instrument. Take a shot at writing your own songs by letting them evolve from original sensitive poetry.

7. Test yourself. If you begin liking Emo music, and then find yourself downloading the songs, you’re probably Emo.getting inner Emo is all in finding out whether or not you have it.


By: dandan
20101229 - Christmas gifts - microbead pillows, cat fish bowl toy, wire cat, cookies, books, picture frames, jewelry, sock monkeys - IMG_2540 Medium
Britt and Chris gave us the cookie and brownie jars again. We made the brownies for Clint’s party this year. We’re going to make the cookies for Carolyn’s upcoming party.

The cats aren’t as interested in the toy fish bowl as they are in the scratching board.

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Clint and Carolyn’s house, Alexandria, Virginia.

December 26, 2010.

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