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hich jewelry would you

By huangjshan108 - January 9th, 2012, 14:40, Category: General

which jewelry would you choose before you become a bride?

which jewelry would you choose before you become a bride?

Although anyone can wear a gold, diamond jewelry, jeweler, but only those who can make these precious metals and stones together. Are you inspired by the art which blooms the real beauty. As the art world, everyone has their own unique style and taste, so has the jewelry. Then do you know what is the world’s best jewelry?

Now A luxury agency had released a world’s top 4 jewelry brands in the past days.Which one do you like before you become the bride?

Harry Winston

It is world-renowned, with the ” King of diamonds” Blair which is the well-known jewelry brand in the United States. It has always been good at all things magic of nature as the creative use of hair to the origin. Harry Winston are both in the ornaments of the hair to show or watch the series on the design and development Fake Tresor Paris Bracelet, which are showing more strength and vitality products, the primary condition. Harry Winston has a platinum engagement ring Cheap Tresor Paris Necklaces, which means associating with the legend. As the important jewelry master, Harry Winston has written many romantic story in 100 years.


In the process of creating jewelry, precious stones combining with Chopin’s own fineness creates? co-president ideas. all the jewelry are performed by meticulous craftsmen. In the silent workshop, time seems to stand still and stops, but the jewelry craftsmen in this exhibit extraordinary in their craft, a little bit of work to figure out life-like. Here, brilliant gem were praised by a perfect blend of natural human creative talent, which gave birth to a masterpiece of Thatcher. In the skilled craftsmen under the magic began to derivatives – the color and materials produced gem binding, gradually turned into a precious treasure.


Cartier is a famous symbol of the first name, which is two of the same order with the first letter of the French last name. Cartier jewelry was renowned domestic and foreign with the Cartier Three brothers and their father’s the efforts in the nineteenth century. Today, the double “C” logo is a symbol of the precious and fashion. Around the logo, Cartier made a lot of fine jewelry line. Platinum, gold and diamonds will be accompanied by the signs of life. Logo is the art of living Looking for a Truly Special Gift- Consider a Dazzling Diamond Ring_293, logos Hooray! Logo contains a wealth of information about a on his own beautiful story, which inspired the creation of Cartier endless ideas. Cartier is a symbol of the owner of the best language to convey the world’s cultural heritage which can? not describe into words.


Buccellati brand history is longer than many European countries. As early as 250 years ago, Buqi Lahti is active in the name of Milan’s most famous “gold block”. Although it was not the achievements and fame compared with the current Gianmaria Buccellati Fake Tresor Paris Necklaces, but a strong cultural atmosphere and the Apennine historical accumulation, this legendary Italian jewelry destined to be mighty family. The most respected Renaissance art – all creations from nature. Nature is the source of his inspiration. Flowers and trees, animals, birds and insects are their common creative theme How to Choose the perfect Mens Rings_326, even if it seems very abstract design, but also mostly born out of nature.

By: Jack
Winston window Medium
2nd floor windows from the Harry Winston store on 5th Avenue



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