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ens Rings Whats your st

By huangjshan108 - January 3rd, 2012, 9:17, Category: General

Mens Rings Whats your style?

Mens Rings Whats your style?

More and more men are becoming fashion conscious. Today’s confident and well dressed man loves to sport accessories, and his favorite accessory is without a doubt, a ring.

With so many styles available Fake Tresor Paris Bracelet articles-title_73, what remains to be answered is – what’s your ring style? Are you a tungsten guy or do you prefer titanium?

Let’s look at two prime metals for men’s rings; tungsten and titanium:

Titanium is grey in color with soft luster. It is much lighter than tungsten and weighs less than many other precious metals. Tungsten on the other hand is heavier; in fact Fake Tresor Paris Necklaces, it is one of the heaviest precious metals Tresor Paris Bracelet Sale, and is grey in color. Both these metals are the preferred choice for men’s rings as they look chic and are not too bling.

Titanium rings Gold updates on ORFG, SFEG, and KGC_22, especially titanium wedding bands for men are sturdy and durable and can last a lifetime. Titanium as a metal does not require much maintenance, as titanium rings don’t tarnish very easily and are easier to keep in top condition without taking much effort.

Tungsten rings are extremely strong and are perfect for men looking for a smart looking ring with a muscular touch. These handsome rings are hard to dent or scratch and you can always polish them at regular intervals, so that its original sheen can be maintained. Tungsten wedding bands are great for men looking to sport a burly accessory to symbolize their love that is as strong as the ring.

The best part about <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link/1574401']);” href=””>titanium rings</a> and tungsten rings is that both the metals are hypoallergenic and do not cause any adverse reactions to the skin (which can be a hassle in case of gold or silver). So if you have any skin allergies or are prone to rashes or any other irritation, then it is best for you to stick to these two metals while choosing the perfect ring.

Before selecting your ring keep the following points in mind:

??? Tungsten rings will last a lifetime; they are tough and durable

??? Titanium rings look stylish and are lighter in weight

??? Tungsten rings may require more maintenance than titanium rings

To sum it up, both metals have their plus points; in the end you need to know what you are looking for in a ring and which ring is “You”. Always go with something that enhances your personality and reflects your true self.

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