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he World of Womens Prom

By huangjshan108 - December 27th, 2011, 11:50, Category: General
The World of Womens Promise Rings

Womens promise rings are not something that has only emerged in recent years. They have likely been around for centuries. The most commonly cited era for the origins of the promise ring would be the 1500′s when they were intended as a pre-engagement symbol for those too young to marry. Now Fake Tresor Paris Bracelet, this may be the most commonly cited origin but really there is a lot of speculation surrounding such origins. More than likely, their origins might date back even further years than most realize. (There are some vague biblical references which note the practice) Regardless of their origins Cheap Tresor Paris Necklaces, these promise rings do offer a symbolic reflection that can be considered noble at the core. Really, the origin of womens promise rings may be lost to history although the meaning likely still remains the same. The popularity of promise rings waned for some time but then made a return in the late 19th century and into the 20th century. Today, womens promise rings have become popular once again as evidenced by the many different rings available on the market. What do promise rings reflect? As the name implies, these rings are intended to symbolize a particular promise one person makes to another. That is basically the concept of promise rings in a nutshell although there is a bit of confusion that surrounds them. What is this confusion? Basically Click Here and Visit Nintendo DSi Club’s Official Website, many assume that womens promise rings are strictly reflective of a pre-engagement vow. In many instances, such an assessment would be a correct one. Again, womens promise rings have long since been used to symbolize an eventual promise to marry. However, this is not the only reason a woman might choose to wear a promise ring. The truth is promise rings can reflect any and all manner of promises or vows. Such promises will not be flippant ones since they are reflected by a definitive piece of jewelry which is intended to both remind the wearer of the vow and to broadcast the vow to others that might see the ring. In some instances, the vows may have religious connotations while in other instances they may reflect a cause, belief Tresor Paris Earrings, or a commitment to the family. The variations of the significance and the symbolism can go into infinity. The truth is any vow a woman makes can be reflected on promise rings. Maybe this is why the rings are so popular. There are many different reasons for wearing them. A great deal of care and attention to detail goes into the crafting of womens promise rings and this is true of even the less expensive ones. It is important to note that a promise ring is always an exquisite item even if it may not be the priciest piece of jewelry in a catalogue’s collection. Consider this a good thing because you may likely find an excellent ring no matter what your budget may be.

By: Stewart Ames
Promise Ring 2 Medium
Promise Ring at Rainbow…Milano 2002



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