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Possibility of Vick landing in Miami a dicey scenario

Speculation about Michael Vick linking up with the Dolphins is among the water-cooler favorites in Miami because of how well the quarterback’s running skills would seem to mesh with the “Wildcat” alignment. How much interest the club actually has in him is tough to gauge because of how tight-lipped it is about the subject, but there are multiple factors that could factor into the decision. One of them is whether rookie Pat White improves in training camp after his shoddy showings thus far eport- Dolphins rookie , and whether Vick will still be available at such a point. For another Dolphins place OT Garner on I.R._197, we hear that owner Stephen Ross’ calculated and significant steps toward upgrading the game-day atmosphere will not influence a decision on Vick Tresor Paris Earrings, despite the potential protests his signing could cause. Ross made it clear from the start that he would not interfere with the football operation Tresor Paris Necklaces Sale, and he would not risk losing Bill Parcells’ confidence should the personnel brass want to green-light the acquisition.



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