rock, Garay each fined

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Brock <strong><a href="" title="Fake Tresor Paris Bracelet">Fake Tresor Paris Bracelet</a></strong>, Garay each fined $15,000
Brock, Garay each fined $15 Tresor Paris Earrings Sale Rams' moves making first-round QB more likely_851,000

Seahawks DE Raheem Brock and Chargers DL Antonio Garay were each fined $15,000 for low hits on quarterbacks in Week Two.

Brock announced that he was fined over Twitter on Wednesday night.

"Fined by the NFL today for being 'TRIPPED' by an o'lineman and fallin into the QB's legs! Smh if I only had super powers to stop mid air," he wrote.

Brock appeared to be tripped by Steelers ORT Marcus Gilbert, which sent him into the back of Ben Roethlisberger's legs. Brock was flagged on the play Fake Tresor Paris Earrings antasy outlook- TE Rob , and Roethlisberger left the game but later returned.

Garay hit Patriots QB Tom Brady below the knee. Brady said he was glad he had a knee brace on. He suffered an ACL injury on a similar hit in 2008. Garay was not penalized on the play.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Garay's fine.



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