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Williams calls out Sparano on Miami radio

RB Ricky Williams has had an up-and-down career with the Dolphins since 2002 Alpinestars A-10 Air Flo Pants, which has included three 1 Sale Alpinestars Motorcycle Jackets - Cheap Alpinestars Jackets Store,000-yard rushing seasons and nearly three full seasons missed due to retirement, suspension and injury. His tenure there seems to be over, however, according to Williams, who spoke to a Miami radio station on Monday evening.

In an interview with WQAM, Williams blamed the Dolphins' poor 7-9 season on head coach Tony Sparano, saying the coach focused too much on preaching to the team instead of motivating them.

"A team takes on the personality of the head coach," Williams said. "I think the way we're coached Cheap Alpinestars Leather Glove GPX - Red Sale - A5033, Tony goes through a lot of effort to show us the things that it takes to win football games: not turning the ball over, converting third downs, scoring in the red zone. He spent a lot of time saying, 'If you do these things you win.' Sometimes Cheap Alpinestars Leather Glove SPX - Red Sale - A5049, I feel like he does it a little bit too much.

"My personal opinion is if you have the right attitude that 'You guys are going to win,' then all that other stuff takes care of itself."

He also added that it looks like his time with the Dolphins is done.

"It seems like now it's time to move on," Williams said.

The way we see it

Williams' contract with the Dolphins is finished, and it is unlikely the team will re-sign the back, who turns 34 in May. It is unknown if any other teams will have interest in Williams, though he still is a solid player, averaging 4.2 yards per carry this season. His criticisms of Sparano echo the statements of a lot of Dolphins players and fans, who saw the team underachieve this season thanks in large part to the coach's inability to adjust.



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