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Referee explains timeout confusion from Pats-Bills game
Referee explains timeout confusion from Pats-Bills game

Referee John Parry explained to pool reporter Mike Reiss the back-to-back timeout calls by the Bills at the end of the first half did not warrant a penalty, but should not have been allowed.

With the first half winding down Patriots trade down, get two picks from Texans_161, Bills PK Rian Lindell kicked a 34-yard field goal but Patriots head coach Bill Belihcick was irate. He believed a penalty should have been called on the Bills for calling back-to-back timeouts.

Parry said there is no foul for calling a second timeout in the rulebook, but that the referees should not have granted the second timeout. "There is no five-yard penatly for what we did Alpinestars A-10 Air Flo Pants," he said. "(The procedure is to) get the players reset, the second timeout is not allowed Sale Alpinestars Motorcycle Jackets - Cheap Alpinestars Jackets Store, resume play, which is what we did."

The Bills had called a timeout after getting an apparent first down. When instant replay reversed the call, making it fourth down Patriots place focus on long term_148, a Bills player called another timeout. Parry said that timeout should not been allowed, and the Bills likely would have been penalized for a delay of game with the play clock winding down.



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