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Three-and-out with Patriots radio color commentator Gino Cappelletti
Three-and-out with Patriots radio color commentator Gino Cappelletti

Each week we'll talk to former Patriots star and current broadcaster Gino Cappelletti. This week, Gino talked about how teams are defending the Patriots' passing game and how to attack the Steelers' defense.

PFW: What are teams doing to take away the Patriots' passing game?

Cappelletti: I've noticed a lot of center-fielder types of pass defenses where one guy will help out with the long passes by floating left to right UGG Classic Tall Støvler 5815, and then helping out that cornerback once he sees where the quarterback throws the ball. He is playing so deep that he has time to get over to the side once he sees where the quarterback is throwing. It looks like they're doubling up, but he's just reading the quarterback and going to where the ball goes. If he sees the quarterback winding up to throw Discount 2011 All Star Clippers 32 Griffin red jerseys For Sale, he's hightailing it. Also, everybody is concentrating on that underneath stuff because you can pick away at that. A lot of pick plays are taking place, and that's how guys are getting open now.

PFW: How do the Patriots attack the Steelers' defense considering how good Pittsburgh is against the run?

Cappelletti: You've got to keep a balance. (The Steelers) are vulnerable in the passing game and are giving up a lot of yards, but their rushing defense is No. 1 Discount New York Giants 91 Tuck red kids Jerseys For Sale, allowing way under 100 yards rushing a game. You need to pick away at their strengths and then take advantage of any good runs or any good run plays that (the Pats) execute, and then be able to run a play-action off that. I think (the Pats) have to still try to have some semblance of balance in their passing and rushing. People say if you look at their rushing yards you usually find a winner, but that doesn't always work out. They say if you outrun your opponent, you will most likely win the game, but that's not really a true statement.

PFW: What can be done to fix the Patriots' defense after last week's loss to the Browns?

Cappelletti: They are still developing. It's a young defense — if it's not rookies ugg støvler udsalg, it's second-year guys. Normally ugg hjemmesko, it takes a few years — look at Pittsburgh's run defense or their linebackers, they have been intact for a while and they have the experience. The Patriots have to go through that particular time now until the guys that are playing there will stay there. They need that time to develop that continuity among each other.



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