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ezel Engagement Rings_4

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Bezel Engagement Rings

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eb Design Melbourne to

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Web Design Melbourne to attract more visitors

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ash for gold usa sites_

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Tresor Paris Earrings Cash for gold usa sites

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January 14th, 2012

arry Gant’s Biogr

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Where to buy jewelry supplies_631 Harry Gant’s Biography

Harry Gant’s Biography

Harry Phil Gant was born on the 10th January, 1940 in Taylorsville, North Carolina.? Street racing in the 1950′s Harry honed his skills on the country roads of Alexander County, North Carolina before beginning his career on a dirt track in Hickory, driving an old ’57 Chevrolet that he and his friends had put together. After becoming a full-time driver he used his driving skills to easily win the Hobby class championship and from there he went on to win over 300 races and including three championships in 1972, 1972 and 1974 in the Sportsman Series.

In 1967 the old dirt track at Hickory was paved and Harry found that he excelled on asphalt, winning his first race in the Sportsman Series.? From here he found his interest in the Winston Cup Series and started racing in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. In 1973 where he finished in eleventh position, driving the #90 Truxmore Industries Ford, going on to make six starts and two top ten finishes over the next four years. He the decided to run a full schedule in 1979 Tresor Paris Necklaces, he sold half of his construction business to race full time.

His racing career spanned over twenty years and throughout this time he started in 474 races with 18 wins, 208 top ten positions and 17 poles, driving for the most part #33 Skoal Bandits cars.? His best season was in 1991 when he earned the nickname “Mr September” after winning four consecutive cup races at Darlington, Richmond Fake Tresor Paris Bracelet, Dover and Martinsville with two Busch races in September of that year.? It was a career high, placing him in fourth position in the standings, along with one pole position, fifteen top 5′s and seventeen top 10′s, leading the most laps totalling 1,684.? Harry holds two other records, the first being the oldest to get his first career win at the age of 42 and the second being the oldest driver to win a Cup race at the age of 52.

Harry, also nicknamed Handsome Harry Gant (due to his Hollywood-style good looks) retired from NASCAR racing in the Winston Cup and the Busch Series in at the end of season in 1994. He ran only a partial season in the Craftsman truck series in 1996 driving his own car Fake Tresor Paris Necklaces, #33 Westview Capital Chevrolet C/K and substituting for Bill Elliott who was injured in the 1996 Winston Select, driving Bill’s car, #94 McDonalds Ford Thunderbird.

Harry had an impressive career, winning the International Race of Champions in 1985, was the 1991 National Motorsports Press Association Driver of the Year, inducted into the National Motorsports Press Association Hall of Fame in 2003, he was named one of NASCAR’s 50 Greatest Drivers in 1998 and inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in2006. He also had small parts to play in Evil has a face and Daytona 500, both TV movies, and was unaccredited in the Cannonball Run, Days of Thunder and Stoker Ace movies. Harry has found it relatively easy to come away from racing,? he is working on his 400 acre farm with around 350 head of cattle ash for gold usa sites_, repairing fences and refurbishing three rental houses that he owns, his own words are “he was a good race car driver but a great carpenter”, and helps out in the family run Gants Family Steakhouse.? He also spends a lot of time with his grandchildren saying, “I just wanted to be home,” Gant said. “Our ballpark here has about three or four fields, I reckon. They’d be all of them playing at one time, from T-ball all the way up to the real fast pitch. That was every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I wanted to be there. My oldest grandson … is a pretty good football player. But they play on Friday nights and you have to travel a good bit when they get in the playoffs.”That’s what I’m doing. I decided I’d stay with them. I missed my two daughters growing up. I didn’t get to do anything with them, so I decided now we can all go to the ballgames together and watch my grandchildren play. That’s what I do. That’s the reason I didn’t get to racing.”? He is fit, healthy and happy – that’s the good life!

By: david lamerton
Harry Winston Jerome Medium


Dahlia Set: Dahlia Time in Labradorite -- Earrings only Medium
Have you ever been to the Dahlia garden in San Francisco’s Golden Gate park. It is teh awesome — so many different flavors of dahlias. There’s even a Dahlia Society Fake Tresor Paris Bracelet Getting Started with Girls Jewelry Boxes from an Early Age_4! Who knew? My dahlias are better Tresor Paris Necklaces Sale Link to our record, of course because they come with gemstones and vintage watch faces. Sadly Cheap Tresor Paris Earrings, I had to use glue so the watch hand only points to one time but that time is a good time because it is dahlia time!

I got my hands on some of these wonderful large resin dahlias. I stripped off the back and stuck them on the brass flower frame. They are adorned by a vintage watch face and a non-vintage watch hand. This one in particular is crowned by a genuine A grade labradorite faceted gemstone and is accompanied by earrings of yet more genuine faceted labradorite paired with brass filigree beads on brass earring settings.

I wondered why they call it labradorite because it makes me think of a labrador retriever and this gem looks nothing like a dog. So I went to look it up on Wikipedia because the Wiki is always truthful and never lies. Also it is easy. Anyway it says it called labradorite because the gem "shows a play of colors called labradorescence." So how about that? Anyway it is pretty and you can see the play of colors in the picture of the stone my magnificent photographer took. Its really cool when the light catches the stone just right. Very opal-ish.

Bezel Engagement Rings

Copyright (c) 2011 Sandra Tiffany

For any woman, a treasured piece of jewelry is her engagement and wedding ring. An engagement and wedding ring is a symbol of a life-long love and committment. An engagement ring gives many memories, or in some cases expectations, of a life full of love and happiness. Out of all of the jewelry that a married woman owns, perhaps the most prized is her engagement ring. Because this ring has so much sentimental value, it is highly recommended that it is made in a way that it will last a lifetime. Part of this includes the way that the jewel is set into the ring.

One of the most highly recommended ways of setting a stone is the Bezel setting. A Bezel setting is when the stone is surrounded by metal, which creates a cradle effect. Bezel engagement rings are beneficial to many people, especially people who are active or into sports. The reason behind this is simple, which is that the ring does not get in the way of any activity. Anyone who has an active lifestyle would benefit from the Bezel setting. A Bezel setting is best for women active in sports and also for those wearing clothes that are easily snagged. When wearing a loose knit sweater or putting on nylons, one must be careful and wearing a Bezel mount ring helps.

It is a constant inconvenience to have to remove a ring just because the gem would get in the way or loosen and be lost. For example a pronged raised ring could get caught or snagged on something. This annoyance is eliminated with the bezel setting because the stone is safely nestled in the metal of the ring. Another benefit of having a Bezel engagement ring is that it gives the illusion that the gem is larger than it actually is. One tip for making a diamond look bigger is by adding a few paved stones in the ring as well. Many people Tresor Paris Bracelet Sale, especially active people, are turning to a Bezel setting for their engagement and wedding rings.

Some sample pricing for bezel settings are:

1. Platinum Petite Bezel – ,250
2. 1.50 ct Round Solitaire Bezel – ,999
3. Diamond Bezel Set – Tresor Paris Earrings Sale,999
4. .95 ct Round Diamond Bezel – ,724
5. 1 ct Round Diamond Bezel – 0

Some top places to purchase a bezel setting are James Allen In this final step of my brief engagement ring buying guide_361, Zales,,, and other fine jewelry stores.

The security that bezel settings offer Tresor Paris Bracelets, knowing that a stone will not be in the way, or even worse��lost How To Dress Emo – Cute Emo Love – Are You Emo, is a great feeling for anyone wearing it.

By: Sandra Tiffany
IMG_6531 Medium

Web Design Melbourne to attract more visitors

As the Internet is getting more and more mature, the visitors and users are becoming more mature too. They want to buy products or services only from the websites that have an ability to represent them efficiently. Now take it as a physical shopping experience. A shop that is beautifully designed with good color combination, better interiors and great lightening always attracts a lot of visitors, even if they are window shopping. Such a shop will appeal any potential buyer. Similarly Fake Tresor Paris Bracelet, since on the Internet, you can’t use lightening or good interiors Cheap Tresor Paris Bracelet, therefore web design plays that role in the virtual market. Your visitors will magnetize to your site only when they find it attractive and any website can be made appealing only with the help of good design. Web design Melbourne can be had easily from Earthlink Design that provides professional web designers to perform the task of attracting visitors to your online shop.

A website is not just about adding vibrant or subtle colors, as per the need. It means a complete package that will attract traffic. It is the task of your website developer to make a webpage that will compel people to stay on your portal for long. When you hire a developer or a designer for your website, you need to take care that the services you choose should be professional and should know what exactly your demand is. If you are staying in Melbourne and are searching for website designer Melbourne Harry Winston’s Special Diamond Gift Jewelry for the Coming Romantic Valentine’s Day_773, earthlink design will help you in many ways and will give you a design that you need.

The importance of a visually attractive online portal cannot be denied and therefore you definitely need the services of professional website designers who can first, make your website absolutely appealing for the visitors and second, in case you already have a boring and dull website, a designer would help you in making it pleasing. When we talk about website designer or website developer, there is more than one aspect that is taken into consideration.

A website is composed of an array of components such as images, color combination, text, graphics, advertisements and a lot more things. It depends on the website designer whether placement of these objects will prove beneficial for you or not. Let us take an example of e-commerce website. For anyone who has an ecommerce online portal Tresor Paris Earrings, a design which is clean and tidy is required. Any ecommerce website owner will need a site that loads swiftly so that the users or potential customers do not keep waiting too long.

Similarly for a website that is typically meant for kids, the site owner would prefer a design that is more colorful and full of images. Every online portal has its own demand and requirements and a website developer can satisfy the needs of everyone. If you especially own an ecommerce website, you should see to it that your design is neat and the one that prompts faster loading of your web pages. Website designer plays an extremely crucial role in determining the success of any website.

By attracting more visitors Tiffany Wedding Rings, Witness of the Commitment for Love_583, you will get greater sales of your products and services and therefore will benefit more and more. So get hold of the professional web design services for greater advantage and for greater profits.

By: Earthlink Design.

Kids had the opportunity to decorate their very own spinning tops using re-purposed CDs.

Cash for gold usa sites



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