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ow To Use Jewelry Store

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How To Use Jewelry Store Software To Increase Sales Through E-Mail

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hy We Use Engagement Ri

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Tresor Paris Earrings Sale Why We Use Engagement Rings These Days

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acori Diamond Engagemen

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Tacori Diamond Engagement Rings – Top Most Design To Choose For Engagements

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December 26th, 2011

xpress your love with U

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How To Select The Perfect Mens Wedding Ring For Your Valentine Wedding-_258 Express your love with Unique and Elegant Engagement Rings

Express your love with Unique and Elegant Engagement Rings

Engagement rings have a special importance as they validate a woman’s betrothal to her beloved. In most countries Cheap Tresor Paris Earrings Designer Engagement Rings-Make Your Proposal Romantic and Special_83, both men and women proudly wear the engagement ring on the ring finger of their left hand as signs of commitment and love.

The origin of the engagement rings is rooted in Egyptian myths.? The common belief in ancient Egypt was that the left hand has a vein that directly reaches the heart, which is why the engagement ring is most commonly worn on the ‘ring’ finger of the left hand by people across the world. Some other beliefs say that since the heart is on the left side of the body, hence the ring should be worn on the left hand.
Traditionally in most cultures, it is the man who proposes to his prospective spouse and seals the acceptance with an engagement ring. Wearing the ring is a glittering example of requited love and underlines her acceptance of the proposal.

Engagement rings have gone from being a simple band of gold to a class of its own, with jewellery designers solely dedicated to the task of creating magnificent designs that capture the magic of love. From intricate finishing to the most precious jewels embedded in priceless metal, the engagement ring in all its styles and variations has also become a representation of the couple’s social and economic status.

Traditionally, jewellers use gold setting for engagement rings, they choose from a variety of white, pink or yellow gold when making these rings. Platinum is a very pure metal that became very popular with the jewellers of the Belle epoch, Edwardian and Art Deco era’s of the early 1900′s through to the 1920′s and have grown to become very popular as a precious metal that combines beautifully with diamond. Engagement rings are either handmade or specially cast. A handmade engagement ring is made from scratch as against a cast ring that has several prototypes. Naturally, the handmade engagement ring comes at a higher price, as more time and labour is needed, and the engagement ring can be completely custom made and designed.

Since solitary dazzling diamonds tend to capture the hearts of women, solitaires have always been a popular choice for engagement ring. The most well known design is Tiffany’s? solitaire diamond setting, of 6 claws holding up the diamond. Often referred to as the “Tiffany setting”, this is a well design setting that maximises the light entering the diamond. Colored gem set rings are also very popular, such as the traditional designed sapphire and diamond cluster ring, where the blue sapphire is surrounded by white sparkling diamonds. This has recently had resurgence in popularity Fake Tresor Paris Bracelet, with the Royal wedding between William and Kate, where Kate is wearing Lady Diana’s infamous sapphire and diamond cluster ring.

The three stone diamond engagement ring, is often mistakenly referred to as the “trinity” ring and represents the past, present and future. However the origins of the term “trinity” (also known as Triquetra) ring goes back centuries to Celtic origins, and is actually based on the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, and was actually 3 bands intertwined with each other that represented a bond that could not be broken. When these are in three colours of gold, i.e rose Fake Tresor Paris Necklaces, white and yellow gold, they are often referred to as “Russian wedders”, and are now also made by Cartier and called the Cartier Trinity Ring.

However, a classic design for an engagement ring is the 3 stone diamond ring, where the centre diamond is usually a bit larger than those diamonds on each side. This design can have a variation, of a coloured stone such as a ruby or sapphire in the centre with the diamonds on each side.

By: Kalmar Antiques
Le Cercle Medium
Lorika’s new engagement ring!
"Circles that intersect and never end."

How To Use Jewelry Store Software To Increase Sales Through E-Mail

Do you have a customer e-mail list? If you have installed a quality jewelry store software program Tresor Paris Necklaces, the answer is probably yes.

But are you using your jewelry store software effectively? If not, you could be missing some important sales and profits.

Jewelry Store Software: An E-Mail Campaign Begins with Your Personnel.

A quality jewelry store software program makes it easy to create and maintain a customer e-mail list. But if your store personnel have not been trained to ask for e-mails, you are probably missing a lot of names. Both training and incentives can help change that.

When requesting an e-mail address, always ask permission to use it for promotional purposes. For example Choosing Your Bridesmaid Jewelry_42, you might say something like, “From time to time we send out exclusive sales offers and information to our e-mail customers. Would you like to be included?” Emphasizing the word ��exclusive’ will make it extra appealing.

If the customer says no but will allow the e-mail address to be stored for personal contact use, your jewelry store software should create a separate file for such email addresses.

Jewelry Store Software Facilitates the Creation of E-Mails Worth Reading.

Every e-mail you send should earn readership for your next e-mail. Here are some ways to build value into your e-mails and make certain they are consistently read.

Use your jewelry store software to identify items in your inventory that have overstayed their welcome. Offer them to e-mail customers at a special clearance price, particularly if you have only a few in inventory. Or Fake Tresor Paris Earrings The Jewels of France Exhibition and Trunk, give them as a gift for a purchase. Build in a note of urgency by commenting that only a limited number are available and when they are gone the offer will be withdrawn.

Your jewelry store software will also provide a comprehensive product sales history. When a holiday or gift-giving season is approaching, use your jewelry store software to pinpoint what items will probably be most popular. Promote one of these items as a loss leader in an e-mail mailing to draw traffic into your store.

Be Single-Minded

Confine your e-mails to just one promotion or item. Trying to sell too much will result in your selling too little. Even if several items are pin-pointed by your jewelry store software as being popular for a certain promotion, use just one.

Be Brief

The attention span for e-mail is limited. So keep your e-mails brief. A few short paragraphs will do the job. And write them as you would to a friend. In fact Fake Tresor Paris Necklaces, it often helps to visualize a customer and write the e-mail to that one person.

Incorporating e-mail into your promotional mix, with the help of a quality jewelry store software program, may well become one of your most effective advertising tools. If you don’t have a customer e-mail list, start one today. If you already have such a list sitting idle in your jewelry store software program, put it to frequent use. This form of advertising involves little outlay of cash and, when properly used, will add important dollars to your bottom line.

By: Cheree Dohmann
Jewellery store Medium
I shot this while my mum whizzed by… I thought the pic turned out pretty interesting… with the gate all distorted…lol. Check out the full height curtains! 2-storey high!!

Why We Use Engagement Rings These Days
Tacori Diamond Engagement Rings – Top Most Design To Choose For Engagements

Here you may find the perfect ring and the realization of spouse of it. Mostly the ring styles and also the designs are totally looking different from each other. In Tacori diamonds the famous and the excellence and richest and prosper rings are highly expensive and however to that much of huge cost you may result the excellent design that is made through the materials which is handcrafted carefully specially for engagement occasions.


The rings designs in the engagement we wore are the famous jewelries we found from the states through the famous jewel designer like Tiffany, Scott Kay, Verragio and the significant one is the Tacori. In each of the specially designed ring has its own and unique styles of the jewel designers. If you are will to accomplish that affording a very expensive cost for such diamond. So altering a original Tacori diamond and also the prosperity we should prefer and also investigate the retailer and complete details of original diamonds.


If you are desired to select a diamond through the combination of different modernized styles that to with the Tacori diamond ring is the one of the best and superior classic ring have been available for us to purchase. In detail about the Tacori the silhouette design is its crescent signature. These rings are available with the combination of gold also with 18k of setting.


The popular rings are Tiffany and these are available in six-prong setting. The stone of it appear to be a additional brilliance which produces the maximum of the amount of light which is been reflected and also refracted through its ring band above the diamond and these kind of settings are only happen through the famous jewel designer. The diamonds Tiffany &Co. mostly maintains the jewelry which is available with the diamonds. Mostly the populaces select the strands which look to be the impressive Fake Tresor Paris Earrings, attractive Cheap Tresor Paris Bracelet, and marvelous designing. These are been set into a set with insertion of platinum gold 18k.


The specialized semi mount diamond engagement rings are the complete design which couples the shape of the center zone which prefer mostly for the Tacori Diamond Engagement Rings are stone. The creations in Verragio are the best and also famous such as scallops entering to the edges. The cathedral is stetted through the soft deigning. The perpendicular band which is set in the stone of a ring’s band and these settings are called to be bar settings. This article is going to explain to you why a Tacori engagement ring is so popular and why you too should try these engagement rings.


The hottest Tacori Engagement Collections are the Dantela and Crescent Silhouette. The quality of these rings as well as the diamonds is beyond any doubt of superlative quality. If you happen to be a person who can judge diamonds articles-title_781, you will very easily judge that the diamonds are not only true, but also of a superior quality. The cutting, dazzling brilliance Tresor Paris Necklaces Sale, and bright clarity of the diamonds will surely make a believer out of you.


It is true that some people may not look for quality only. Obviously Cheap Alpinestars AX 04 Moto Boots-Black Sale - A5013, there are consumers that prefer design and style to quality – for these consumers Tacori is also a perfect fit. The designs and the styles that Tacori rings display have been considered to be among the trendiest and awe-inspiring designs available today.

By: Louie Vasquez
GTR002-4 Medium


Diamond Ring Medium
My mom and aunt found this ring in my grandmother’s safe deposit box. This is the friggin’ hugest diamond I’ve ever seen Tresor Paris Necklaces Sale! And wouldn’t you know it, it got stuck on my finger when I tried it on–thus necessitating a photo.


(I have been assured that it indeed is a real diamond Cheap Tresor Paris Earrings acori Diamond Engagemen, most likely something she inherited from her wealthy older sister.)



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