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elpful Design Engagemen

By huangjshan108 - December 22nd, 2011, 15:20, Category: General

Helpful Design Engagement Rings Tips

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Fake Tresor Paris Necklaces {articles-title}

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orld Famous Jewelers In

By huangjshan108 - December 22nd, 2011, 15:18, Category: General

World Famous Jewelers Inspire With Their Creations

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he Elegance of Designer

By huangjshan108 - December 22nd, 2011, 15:18, Category: General

The Elegance of Designer Engagement Rings

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December 22nd, 2011

uy Engagement Ring Insu

By huangjshan108 - December 22nd, 2011, 15:20, Category: General

Buy Engagement Ring Insurance To Protect Your Investment

Buy Engagement Ring Insurance To Protect Your Investment

If you followed the convention of spending two months salary on the diamond engagement ring with which you proposed to your girlfriend, who is now you wife, we are talking about some serious money. So wouldn’t you want to protect that investment in case your wife losses the ring or damage it from wearing it every day?

As with any kind of insurance Tresor Paris Necklaces Sale, the right engagement ring insurance makes financial sense. Insurance give you some protection for your monetary investment and gives you peace of mind in case the engagement ring is lost or stolen.? While you may not be able to replace the sentimental value connected with the ring, at least you’ll be able to get a replacement ring without too much of a financial burden.

Most homeowner’s and renter’s policies come with jewelry coverage as part of the over-all policy. The limit for the coverage is usually low, typically in the range of ,000 to ,000, after the policy deductible is met. If you have fine jewelry such an expensive diamond engagement ring that is worth more that the limit of the coverage, you need to pay an additional premium to buy additional coverage for the ring.

The problem with jewelry coverage under a homeowner’s or renter’s policies is that most likely the policy does not cover damage or loss to the engagement ring outside the home and only provide cover if the loss happens inside the covered property due to fires or theft.

If you want an insurance policy that covers a loss or damage away from home, you need to purchase a stand alone policy thru a company that specializes in jewelry insurance. Many of the major home and auto insurers also offer jewelry insurance policies. Knowledgeable jewelers should be able to give you names of insurance companies that offer that kind of policy, if they don’t sell the policy themselves.

Some jewelers Foldable easy-to-door public Zaochu self-help and multi-function security – security window, s, as a service to their customers and to make some additional money, sell stand alone jewelry policies that are underwritten by insurance companies. Just be sure to do some comparison shopping to make sure you are not being over charged for the policy.

The best jewelry insurance policy is a replacement type policy that would replace your loss or damaged ring with a ring of like kind, at the current value. For example, if you own and insure a diamond engagement ring from Tiffany and the ring is loss, the policy will replace the right with a similar ring from Tiffany and not from Kay jewelers, for example.

The most common and least expensive type of policy is the actual value policy Tresor Paris Earrings, which replace the cash value of your ring, minus any depreciation. This type of policy is similar to an auto insurance policy Tresor Paris Bracelets, where in the event of a total loss; the insurance company would pay the current value of the auto, minus any depreciation.

When shopping for a engagement ring insurancethat fits your needs Best web designers shall work as per client requirement and purpose of site_210, be sure you know the type of coverage you are getting so you don’t get a big surprise if you ever have to file a claim and only then discover that the coverage is not what you thought it was.

Premiums vary depending on the type of policy, the policy limit, the deducible, and where you live. As with other types of insurance, shopping around will get you the best deal. But in general, engagement ring insuranceis relatively inexpensive compared to the price of replacing a valuable diamond engagement ring, and the peace of mind of being able to wear your ring without constantly worrying about losing it far outweighs the cost of the insurance.

By: Eric Moy
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The ring

Helpful Design Engagement Rings Tips

Finding someone who really loves us and will spend the rest of lives with us is the main reason most people celebrate the betrothal. And for that reason also everyone wants to design engagement rings so engagement day more special and meaningful.

Design a unique engagement ring can really represent the many couples who love each other uniquely. These design engagement rings can even be heirlooms that can be passed on from generation to generation. However, there are several tips that you need to consider before you and your partner begin to design the engagement ring.

1. Select the band material

Ring bands available in platinum Popular Fashionable Rings_569, yellow gold or white gold. Remember when selecting the engagement band that you will want it to match up with the wedding bands.

2. Select the setting

Settings array from the solitaire for a solo diamond to a pave setting for a ring covered with diamonds. Settings can be designed for a diamond in the center that is surrounded by a little smaller diamonds or other precious stones. Previously you decide the look of the ring you have in mind it will be easier to select the setting. Do not waver to drawing a picture of your design engagement rings.

3. Select the cut of the diamond

Options for diamond cuts consist of emerald, heart, round, oval, and square. Previously you recognize which cut you want; you can find jewelers or dealers that advertise loose diamonds.

4. Select the size, color Fake Tresor Paris Necklaces, and clarity of the diamond

Diamonds are measured in carats. Therefore decide what size diamond you want. After that, select the clarity and color of the major diamond for your original design engagement rings. The color of the diamond is founded on whether or not it has a color.

Diamonds that have a yellow or brownish tint will be cheaper than diamonds without a color. The clarity of diamond is founded on whether or not the precious stone has imperfections, flaws or cracks in it. Wholesalers who sell loose diamonds will list all of these attributes of the precious stones.

5. Decide a budget

Previously you have a suggested design; you need to build out whether or not you can give it. Total the setting, the primary diamond, the accent diamonds, and the budget to design engagement rings. If you design is more than you can pay for, purchase around for the best prices on loose diamonds Tresor Paris Bracelet Sale articles-title_355, after that think about buying a diamond with a flaw not visible to the naked eye. This can convey the price down radically.

Design engagement rings can be one of the most interesting parts of planning an engagement or even a wedding. Do explore and discover a trustworthy jeweler who will provide reliable assistance and you will have a ring to memorize eternally.

By: Vita Merisia
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We ordered the ring from Sarah Perlis Tresor Paris Earrings, an amazing designer who hand makes all her jewelry.


Emily again Medium

World Famous Jewelers Inspire With Their Creations

More than just ornamentation for the body, jewelry has long served as a palette for artistic expression. From Bulgari to Cartier to Harry Winston, the world’s famous jewelers have created pieces of bejeweled art that have captured the attention of collectors worldwide, as well as the imagination of those who appreciate fine jewelry.

Frederic Boucheron

Acquiring fame as an expert in precious stones, Frederic Boucheron opened his first jewelry salon at the Palais Royal in 1858. The masterful creator of beautiful jewelry, Boucheron also set up shop at the Place Vendome in 1893, which is still in successful operation today. Boucheron branches are also located in Moscow Fake Tresor Paris Necklaces, Japan Fake Tresor Paris Earrings, London, and the Far East. Historical international expositions included exhibitions of Boucheron’s pieces, including the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial, the 1889 and 1990 Expositions Universelle, and the 1925 Exposition des Arts Decoratifs, all in Paris.

Sotirio Bulgari

Sotirio Bulgari of Greece began his firm in 1879 when he moved to Rome to open his first shop in Via Sistina. Bulgari’s distinctive style was carried on by his sons after his death in 1932. Bulgari jewelry-lovers admire the firm’s classical and Renaissance-inspired art, which features colors and patterns found in mosaics. Bulgari is also famous for transforming ancient coins into jewels. Bulgari boutiques grace Geneva, Hong Kong, London, Milan, New York, Paris, Singapore, and Tokyo. In 1998, a Bulgari diamond and colored diamond brooch auctioned at Christie’s for ,186,400.

Louis-Francois Cartier

Renowned French jewelry and watch maker, Cartier may have gotten its start in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier, but it took it his grandsons Louis, Pierre and Jacques to build Cartier into the world famous empire it is today. Throughout its history, Cartier has undergone continued changes which have made it an international phenomenon. In 1983, the Cartier Museum was initiated; and in 1993, Cartier became a part of the Vendome Luxury Group.

Joseph Chaumet

Official jeweler to Napoleon:Chaumet was originally founded under another name. This jewelry firm captured favor for its grandiose creations and royal clientele including the Empress Josephine and later Empress Marie-Louise. Following the fall of Napoleon, the firm garnered continued acclaim under the direction of Jean-Baptiste Fossin and his son, Jules. Both were artists in their right who captured a spirit of Romanticism in their jeweled creations. In 1889, Joseph Chaumet, a Bordeaux jeweler took over the company and changed its name to Chaumet. The successful change in ownership thrust Chaumet onto the international scene, serving as jeweler to European royal houses and winning copious awards at international exhibitions.

Laurence Graff

Creating jewelry with some of the rarest gems available, Graff Diamonds was founded in London in 1960. The revered firm has handled some of the world’s most treasured gemstones, including The Idol’s Eye, The Emperor Maximillian, and The Begum Blue. The jewelry maker’s glamorous style is a result of its highly skilled in-house craftsmen. In 2002, a pair of Graff diamond and emerald ear-pendants sold at auction for 2,000. The House of Graff has locations in London, New York City, Monte Carlo, Dubai, and Moscow.

Tiffany & Co.

While Tiffany & Co. may have begun as a fancy goods store in the 1800s, by the 1950s Tiffany & Co. had captured its emphasis on the jewelry business. Its most famous pieces were created and sold by the founder’s son, Louis Comfort Tiffany. However, other esteemed jewelry designers, as well as renowned gemologist George Frederick Kunz were later instrumental in propelling Tiffany & Co. to international jewelry stardom. Today, Tiffany & Co. can be found in more than 100 locations worldwide.

Harry Winston

At only 24 years of age Cheap Alpinestars Air-Flo T-Breeze Jacket-Black Sale - A5005, Harry Winston opened his first jewelry store in New York City. A little more than a decade later, Winston established a company under his own name. Here, he handled such famous diamonds as the Jonker, the Taylor-Burton, the Star of Sierra Leone, and the Vargas. He was also responsible for donating The Hope, The Portuguese and, the Oppenheimer diamonds to the Smithsonian. Known as the “King of Diamonds Tresor Paris Bracelets,” Winston owned nearly one third of all the famous museum diamonds at one time or another. After his father’s death Cheap Alpinestars Leather Glove S1-Red/White Sale - A5037, Ronald Winston continued the Winston dynasty, expanding into additional markets in Tokyo and Beverly Hills.

While some of the world’s most famous jewelers have made their mark in history, many local jewelers also carry on this tradition of beauty – fashioning jewelry that delights and commemorates. Whether famous globally or just well-known to a local community, artists in jewels are part of a long legacy – creating today’s jewelry for tomorrow.

By: Ron Peterson

The Elegance of Designer Engagement Rings

When one thinks of designer engagement rings, brands like Tiffany’s or Harry Winston comes to mind. There are numerous ring designers who cater to Hollywood stars. These designers are the obvious choice if you’re a big shot star like Oprah Winfrey or Angelina Jolie. However, not everyone can be as wealthy as they are. Don’t despair Designers Engagement Rings That Make Your Engagement Party Memorable_430, since you can still buy designer engagement rings at an affordable cost from reputable sellers in the market. There are lots of them; you just have to have a discerning eye in order to determine which ones provide greater value for your money.

Compared to traditional bands, designer engagement rings are those that are not mass-produced but done only in very limited quantities. Most of the rings you see in mall jewelry stores come from stock designs, or have templates available for mass production. As such, each design can have thousands of copies. In contrast, designer rings have very limited copies, the chances of seeing another one just like it are very slim.

Most such designers rings are limited edition; this means they are produced in limited quantities. While such rings aren’t exactly unique, they aren’t widely available either. There are also designer rings created specifically for stores. For instance, a Fifth Avenue ring costs 10 grand because there’s only one such ring created.

Of course, but only if you know where to look. It’s easier than ever before to hunt for good deals Cheap Tresor Paris Bracelet, thanks to the power of the Internet. Many jewelry websites feature comprehensive online catalogs Cheap Tresor Paris Earrings, and these are usually updated along with price. What’s more, most such sites offer full customization of the ring, together with up-to-date prices depending on the additions and the lead time needed.

When browsing such sites, the rings can be viewed in high resolution and in minute detail. Such close-up detail is probably unnecessary once you’re wearing the ring, but having such details blown up is good for your investment�� after all orld Famous Jewelers In, such rings do cost quite a sum. Once you receive the ring in person, many jewelers allow up to 30 days to inspect the quality up-close or return it for a full refund in case of any defects.

When sourcing for online jewelry stores, the Better Business Bureau is always a good measuring stick of a vendor’s reliability. Always check the business against the BBB list to see if it has a history of complaints, how long it has been operating, and if there has been any name changes. Remember that rings are a considerable investment, so always take the time to do research, source from among the best, and inspect your purchase very thoroughly to ensure a truly memorable and priceless engagement ring.

By: Since com
NYC - Barney's 2008 Holiday Window - Peace & Love: Have a Hippie Holiday! Medium
Barneys New York’s 2008 Holiday window display, Peace & Love: Have a Hippie Holiday!, was inspired by the 50th anniversary of the peace symbol Tresor Paris Earrings, which was devised in 1958. Creative Director Simon Doonan and a collection of designers paid- homage to the counter-culture movement of the 1960′s.

Barneys New York was founded in 1923 when Barney Pressman opened his first store in Manhattan with money he raised by pawning his wife’s engagement ring. In 1970, the original four-level store on 7th Avenue and 17th Street was expanded an additional floor and a new five-story adjacent building before relocating to its current location on Madison Avenue and 60th Street in 1993.



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